A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Watches

Buying a watch can be cumbersome and confusing, given there’s a ton of options available in the market today. Also, there are countless types of watches, leaving the buyer with overwhelming choices and price ranges starting from 3 to 6 digits or more. But with the right knowledge, choosing can be fun (just like when you play girl games online)! So how exactly does a first timer do this? Read on.

How to Choose a Watch that Suits You

Know your brand

Brands vary from one another in terms of feel and other characteristics. To know which brands will work for you, ask yourself what you want in a watch beforehand. It’s only practical to start with high-quality but inexpensive brands. If you’re thinking of reselling it in the future, aim for brands with a higher value that don’t depreciate easily through time.

Select a case

Available in different size, shapes, and styles, the watch case contains the bezel, the middle, and the mechanical parts. From stainless steel to ceramic, there are a plethora of material choices to pick from. Seek the help of a store representative to pick a style that best suits you.

Extra features with extra functionality

Watches are essentially made to tell time, however, some features might be added such as dual timezone and date display to enhance the functionality.  If you’re an avid traveler or someone who always has a thing for extra features, these will add usefulness and pizazz to the watch you’re considering.

Watch movement

Movement makes the watch function according to its purpose. When picking which movement is for you, it’s wise to consider the level of precision and maintenance costs of the watch. Two types of movements are available to choose from mechanical and quartz.

Both of these movements fall under the category of “mechanical” movements, which means they are made up of only mechanical parts, with springs and gears included. A lot of collectors and connoisseurs collect manual or automatic watches because they represent more than 600 years of refinement, craftsmanship, and expertise.

These are the watch basics to keep in mind when looking to find the characteristics of a good watch. Use this guide and you’d be able to find the watch of your dreams. Happy watch hunting!