How to Store Watches At Home

Regardless if you have only a few pieces or a whole collection of watches, storing your watches is of utmost importance. Improper storage can cause damage including scratches or damage brought about by moisture. Also, leaving expensive watches out in the open will make them vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your watches safe at home.

How to Store Watches When Not in Use

Keep your watches in a storage case where it’s easy to keep them in sight

Very much similar to a jewelry box, these cases have compartments that are designed to fit watches. Often times, they are lined with felt or other gentle fabric to guard your watches against dents and scratches.   Some watch boxes have glass tops that allow you to see your collection at a glance. This is a good storage container if you prefer wearing different watches every day.

Use an insert to keep your watches in a drawer

At a local store, you can buy special trays That are sized just right to fit inside a standard sized drawer. This has square compartments to hold watch boxes and narrow compartments that allows laying flat of watch bands. Always opt for trays with lining To prevent your watch is from shifting around. If not available, simply add a drawer liner at the bottom of the tray. Don’t forget the glue it in place.

Consider keeping your watches in a cigar humidor to keep them dry

Humidors are made to shield cigars from temperature and humidity. These can also damage your watch when left unprotected. This makes it a good option for keeping watches In their best condition.

Make use of a watch roll

This is one of the most creative ways to store watches. Made of flexible material like leather or soft fabric, a watch roll can be used to Hold your watches in place while traveling. As the name implies, you can roll it up so your watches are cushioned and secure as you go.

Store your automatic watches in the watch winder

Because automatic Watches Don’t need manual winding, A watch winder could be beneficial. This device turns your watch for you, so they will keep ticking even when not in use. It can also prolong the life of your watches.

Keep your high value watches in a safe

Safes or vaults do a pretty good job in keeping valuables safe from theft and other sorts of human intervention. Some safes come with special trays for holding jewelry. Store your safe under the bed or in the closet.

Store your watch safely

Always place your watch but its face facing upward. Don’t forget to leave gaps when placing your watch is in a case. This is because when they are touching each other, damage Can easily develop. Maintain at least half an inch of gap between the watches.